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- The fruit, The Juice & the carefulness -

Wine from the Best Danish Fruits and Berries

It was the love for tangy Danish apples that in 2010 inspired Jens Skovgaard to dream about apple wine. Not cider, not “apfelwein” – but a new, exclusive, and more vinous expression. Specifically, Danish, cryo-concentrated apple wine. The dream took off somewhat by accident when a large tank of frozen apple juice leaked in a freezer. A thick and sugary “apple syrup” sparked a series of experiments, and subsequently, Jens teamed up with fruit farmer Flemming.

The fundamental element in all of the winery's apple, pear, and quince wines is the "cryoconcentration" method, which certainly results in cold hands. Immediately after harvesting, the fruits are pressed, and the juice is frozen. The juice is then thawed outdoors at subzero temperatures, where the frost binds the water in the juice, while sugar, acid, aroma, and color drip off as thick raw syrup. These golden drops are subsequently made into Danish fruit wine with a very special Nordic acid profile and aroma. Fresh, fruity, and clean.

Over time, more exclusive types of wine have been added to the assortment; fortified wines, sparkling wines, and spirits. All made from carefully selected Danish fruits and berries. The wines have won awards and recognition far and wide, and they are served at some of the best gourmet restaurants in Denmark and abroad. The wines can be purchased from retailers nationwide, in the winery’s own shop, and in the webshop.

Følg med i vores dagligdag

Følg med i dagligdagen på landets mest nørdede vineri. Vi opdaterer dig bl.a. om kommende begivenheder og nye vine.

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