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Ribes Rubrum 2013 – DRY

- Bubbly redcurrant

A wine produced from rosy redcurrants from Funen.

Pressed and chaptalised with organic cane sugar, before being cold-fermented for 8 months.

The wine is then bottled in Champagne bottles and fermented for another approx. 6 months. We then hand-turn each bottle in champagne racks and degorge it.

High acidity, fresh, deep aroma of redcurrants.

0.750 l. 11.5 % ALC.
Contains sulphites



Alkohol 11,5%
Contains sulphites sulphites
Total syre g./liter
Vinsyre g./liter
Æblesyre g./liter
Mælesyre g./liter
Restsukker g./liter
Glycerol g./liter