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Malus Unica Anna 2014 - SEMI-DRY

– bubbly apples and cherries

A sparkling fruit wine made from pulped Belle de Boscoop apples.

The wine is then bottled in Champagne bottles and fermented for another approx. 6 months. We then hand-turn each bottle in champagne racks and degorge it.

A shot of cherry liqueur with 25 g. sugar per litre is added, tasted by Jens’ daughter Anna.

The result is this wonderfully bubbly wine with good acidity, an aroma of cherries and smooth bitterness.

0.750 l. 12.5 % ALC.
Contains sulphites



Alkohol 12,5%
Contains sulphites  
Total syre g./liter
Vinsyre g./liter
Æblesyre g./liter
Mælesyre g./liter
Restsukker g./liter
Glycerol g./liter