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- Blackcurrant wine

Danish blackcurrants are some of the best in the world because of their high acidity.

The Ben Alder blackcurrants for this wine come from Flemming's neighbour.

When they arrive at the winery, they are stamped and chaptalised.

After fermentation, the wine is poured into used red wine barrels and left to mature for two years.

It is then sweetened with honey.

This is a wine with lots of green blackcurrants on the nose, good acidity and a smooth aftertaste, with a hint of coffee.

Ideal for cheese and dishes with chocolate.

14% Vol. - 500 ml – contains sulfites.




Alcohol 14%
PH 2,39
Total acid 4,4 g./litre
Wine acid 0,0 g./litre
Apple acid 13,8 g./litre
Lactic acid 0,0 g./litre
Residual sugar 195 g./litre
Density 1,0121
Glycerol 49,1 g./litre