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Pyrus Communis

- Pear avec

Pyrus is made from pollinating pears in our orchards on the island of Funen. Pollinating trees are old varieties, such as Grev Moltke, Conference, Williams etc.
The pears are picked when ripe, pressed and the juice frozen in a freezer room. When thawed, the thick, syrupy juice contains almost four times as much sugar, acid and aroma as before it was frozen. The thick 'syrup' is fermented very slowly for 5 months, fortified with pear Eau de Vie and then aged in used French oak barriques. The taste is dominated by the deeply caramelized pear sweetness, balanced by the warmth of the Eau de Vie. Enjoy as an aperitif, with cheese, desserts with pears or just with a cup of coffee.
Serve at approx. 12-18 C.

38% Vol. - 500 ml.



Alcohol 19%
PH 5,44
Total acid 3,9 g./litre
Wine acid 0,0 g./litre
Apple acid 1,1 g./litre
Lactic acid 0,0 g./litre
Residual sugar 149,7 g./litre
Density 1,0583
Glycerol 28,1 g./litre