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prunus rosa

- Plum wine

Blue plums of varieties Jubilæum, Italian Prune, Opal and René Claude Noir from Flemming's small plum orchard at Øksendrup on Funen.

When they arrive at the winery, they are stamped and chaptalised.

After fermentation, the wine is fortified by fine spirit, poured into used red wine barrels and left to mature for two years. It is then sweetened with cryoconcentrated apple juice.

The wine has a wonderful plum nose, fine acidity and smooth, fresh plum taste.

It's ideal as an aperitif, with cheese, cakes and desserts.

500 ml.




Alcohol 16%
PH 2,39
Total acid 4,4 g./litre
Wine acid 0,0 g./litre
Apple acid 13,8 g./litre
Lactic acid 0,0 g./litre
Residual sugar 195 g./litre
Glycerol 49,1 g./litre
Contains sulfites