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prunus nigra 

- the black cherry wine

Prunus Nigra 2012 The black Danish Stevnsbær cherry is sadly in decline.

The cherries contain twice as much sugar as sweet cherries, tons of deep cherry aroma, are incredibly acidic and have lots of tannins.

This is a fortified wine, inspired by port.

Lots of cherries – 3 kg. per litre of wine – are fermented.

After 5 days, fermentation is stopped by adding Eau de Vie. The wine is sweetened to 100 g. per litre to counter the acidity.

It is then left to mature in used red wine barrels for one year. Prunus Nigra is a powerful cherry explosion with lots of tannins.


Best Fruit Wine of the Year – Dansk Vinshow 2013 and awarded 5 stars out of 5 by Vinavisen.



Alcohol 18,5%
PH 2,7
Total acid 12,5 g./litre
Wine acid 0,8 g./litre
Apple acid 11,1 g./litre
Lactic acid 0,0 g./litre
Residual sugar 105g./litre
Density 1,0392
Glycerol 17,4 g./litre