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Feminam is a dessert wine that combines the most extreme flavours of the humble apple, heat from the roasted Eau de Vie and sweetness from the frozen apple pulp.

Aroma and Elstar apples are pressed when at the peak of ripeness.

The freshly-pressed pulp is then deep-frozen in a freezer room.

When thawed, the thick, syrupy juice contains three times as much sugar, acid and aroma as before it was frozen.

The syrup is then blended with Eau de Vie.

Feminam has an alcohol content of 19% and is matured for 8 months in used 220 litre white wine barrels.

The alcohol content balances perfectly with the fresh acid and plentiful sweetness from the apples.

It has a deep, intense aroma and lots of apple/honey/caramel flavours.

Enjoy as an aperitif, with a cup of coffee or with a dessert. Serve at approx. 10 – 14 C.

19% Vol. - 500 ml.


Apple Wine of the Year – Dansk Vinshow 2013, Best Wine in the "specialist" category and Best Product 2014, with the highest score ever.


"Outstanding complexity and concentration to balance the luscious sweetness"

"Great intensity with high sugar level and very high acidity, there is a delightful apple-bitterness in the taste and good complexity"

"Very, very good balance - clean taste"

A very good wine, with nice apple character and a stony minerality to give freshness."


"A special mix of ice-cider and apple eau de vie, aged for eight months in wine casks. You just know that’s got to be special and it doesn’t disappoint: an intense, baked apple aroma gives way to a gentle alcohol burn on the palate, balanced with fresh acidity and apple sweetness, with honey and caramel notes. Outstanding."




Alcohol 20%
PH 2,99
Total acid 8,4 g./litre
Wine acid 3,7 g./litre
Apple acid 2,4 g./litre
Lactic acid 3,1 g./litre
Residual sugar 232 g./litre
Densitet 1,0757
Glycerol 8,9 g./litre